Quote From Our Speakers at The Future of Talent Event

DSC07275During our event, The Future of Talent, we noticed that some of our speakers have shared an interesting discussion with the participants. Here are some of the quotes that we found interesting:

Lita Kumala Dewi on Millennials:

“They tend to leave the company, period. That’s it. That’s how they think. They don’t stick with one company regardless they have the highest technology, the highest possible coolest gadgets that you can wear. Regardless of that, their mindset is not staying for too long because ‘I want to learn. I’ve mastered this.’”


Lita Kumala Dewi on creativity

“Creativity is not a one genius work, it’s a work of a team, a diverse team.”

“How do we create an environment that actually encourages people to share ideas and give feedback to each other? That’s our job as a right hand of CEO”


Lita Kumala Dewi on HR tools

“All of those tools, we have it in our hands. But are we using it in the right way? Are we using it in a way to attract people with talents that our CEO actually needs? It’s about challenging us to better utilize our tools”

“The technology? The tools? We have the same access to it. But what differentiates us is more about what we do with the technology. The human part is equally important as the technology chosen.”


Nur Indah Lestari on different generations:

“We have to start rethinking about the pipeline, your talent workforce. Back to your demography, back to your business goals, are you going to build the people? or are you going to enrich your talent demography?”


Nur Indah Lestari on being digital:

“Being digital is not about technology, it’s about the digital mindset. Open communication, work fast, trust, collaboration.”


Nur Indah Lestari on Talent Acquisitions:

“As Talent Acquisitions, sometimes we only focus as a recruitment. No. Recruitment is a one-year plan, talent acquisition is a long-term plan.”

We hope these quotes provide you with ideas on tackling the challenges and opportunities in attracting for the best talents! Thank you for all the attendees who participated in our event and see you next time!


Yu Ming Chin on Igniting Careers:

“The Future of Work anchors on the real career well-being, compassed by mastery, autonomy, and purpose; Propelled by technological disruption and revolution; and staunchly supported by lifelong learning.”


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