Participants Feedback at The Future of Talent

DSC07065It’s a wrap! The Future of Talent event included talks that all of them are practical for all HR Practitioners and Business Leaders. We certainly hope to leave significant remark on each participant after attending our event.

Here’s what some said about;


“It is such a pleasure to attend this event. Given to how millennials value benefits as one of their drive, I realized that we need to rework on our compensation & benefit to stay competitive in the market.”

Vivilia Lim – HR Manager at Ingenico


“As a millennial, I can relate with what speakers have presented regarding the future of work. It is true that we are looking to constantly upgrade ourselves and learn new skills. I think that upper management whom are older generation than us should understand this as well.”

Agnes Endah Wulandari – HR Generalist at Johnson Controls Indonesia


“This event is so insightful. I realized that employee branding is very important in order to attract more top talents.”

Ida Hayu Wulandari – HR & GA Manager at Vallianz Offshore Maritime


“This event is cool!”

Sylvia Wibowo – HR Manager at Sigma Cipta Caraka


“This event really helps us as HR practitioners to understand current candidate trends, where the rise of millennial generations tends to not stay too long in one company. Through this event, we can understand better on how to deal with and make them able to survive longer in our company.”

Wening Citra Octaviani – Head of Human Capital Talent Acquisition & Business Partner at BNI Life


We can’t thank you enough in jazzing up our event, so we hope to see you again at our next event(s) ahead!


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